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Raine Reusable glass straws and bamboo straws are durable, dishwasher safe, non-toxic, and suitable for hot and cold drinks. Our glass straws are made of strong, shatterproof borosilicate glass and our bamboo straws are made from all natural organic yellow bamboo. Each day in the United States, 500 MILLION single-use plastic straws end up in the trash, making the switch to a reusable straw reduces this number, saves our environment, and keeps you healthy too! In under a year, Raine has provided nearly 1,000 reusable straws to those ready to make a difference. When these reusable straws are used instead of a plastic straw at least once a day, that is 365,000 plastic straws saved from the landfill and oceans in just a year!

Can I drink anything?

Yes! They are the perfect length for almost every hot or cold cup and can even slurp up a smoothie! Straws are perfect for those with tooth sensitivity or avid-coffee drinkers who want to avoid stains. Unlike plastic straws, they are perfect for hot or cold drinks but be sure to not heat your straw directly and be careful to not burn yourself.

Are you BPA free?

Of course! BPA is bisphenol-A, a toxin found in many plastics and resins that has been linked to hormone disruption, cancer, and obesity. With a Raine Reusable straw, you will be reducing your contact with BPA found in standard drinking straws.

Where can I take my reusable straw?

Everywhere! Each set of straws comes with a fabric pouch to keep it clean and secure. Many restaurants no longer offer straws and those that they do offer are quick to dissolve paper. Taking your straw with you gives you your own to use and inspire others! For extra security, we also offer wood cases for the standard glass straw.

How do I clean my straw?

If you’re in a pinch, a simple rinse with hot water works! Each set of straws also comes with 2 cleaning brushes to give it an extra scrub with water and dish soap. If you feel like your straw may need a deeper clean, they are dishwasher safe too… just throw it with your utensils! Hand washing is recommended for the bamboo straws since they don't love the dishwasher but if it's all you can do then don't fret. We recommend drying your straw upright to reduce any hard water deposits that may make it look dirty.

Are the straws kid-friendly?

Raine Resuables straws are perfect for kids and reducing their toxin exposure at a young age. While the glass straws are made with strong borosilicate glass, we still recommend having adult supervision. If you are worried about your little ones and glass, we recommend our bamboo straw sets!

How do you compare to other reusable glass and bamboo straws?

We sell SETS of straws, including a travel pouch and cleaning brushes, for less than $25 including Free Shipping! They also come in a stylish package, great for gifting. Other competitors sell individual straws for over $10 each so with Raine, you're getting the best deal out there!

How can I stay up-to-date on deals, new products, and more?

Sign-up for our Mailing List, give us a Follow on FaceBook and Instagram, and drop us an email on what you want to see!



What are my shipping options?

Standard shipments within the United States will be sent through USPS and international shipments will typically be sent with DHL. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we do minimal drop-offs and many packages will be picked up along our postal-person’s route. Once your package is shipped, we will email you your tracking number!

How much is shipping?

USPS Priority Shipping is free with orders over $13 within the United States. Shipping costs for orders under $13 or international orders are calculated at checkout.

Is the packaging sustainable too?

Of course! The individual packaging and all of the shipping supplies are made of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. That includes the shipping label, packing tape, and sticker which are often not recyclable due to the backing but we made sure that everything you receive is environmentally friendly.

Was my order processed?

To make sure your order goes through, double-check your address, email, and card information. If you have successfully placed a purchase, you will immediately be sent a confirmation email receipt with your order information. Each order will send a separate email and your purchase will show up in your bank statement as SP * RAINE, LLC

Where do you deliver?

Everywhere! We can ship our products down the street or across the globe.

Where do you ship from?

Raine is based in and ships from Los Angeles, California!

What days do you not ship?

Due to the small size of Raine, we aim to ship out orders daily and they will typically be picked up each afternoon for any order shipped through USPS. When your order is in the mail, you will receive an email with the tracking number! If you need an order sent out quickly, shoot us an email and we will get it out as fast as we can. We will not ship out orders on any major holidays. (Since this is a one-woman team, stay up to date with our Instagram for any updates on days Raine may be OOO.)

When will I receive my order?

We aim to have your order in the mail by the next business day but may take up to 5 business days. Once your order is in the mail, you will receive your tracking number to follow it along it’s journey!



Can I cancel my order?

If there is an issue with your order and you would like to cancel, please email as soon as you can with "Cancel (Your Order Number)" in the Subject line.

What is your return & exchange policy?

We want you to love your reusable products, but if for any reason you don’t, we will accept exchanges or returns within a 30-day window as long as it returned packaged and unused. We ask that you pay for the postage back to us and exchanges will be mailed out at no additional shipping and handling charge. Please email for any questions regarding shipping and exchanges!

What do I do if I broke my straw?

Our straws are designed to be strong and durable, but accidents happen. If your straw does shatter, email us at with a photo and we will work to send you a replacement!



Can I purchase wholesale for my business or event?

Yes! We would love to see Raine in stores everywhere so if you are interested in wholesale or know of a great business for us to reach out to, email us at with "Wholesale Inquiry" in the subject line. Currently, we have no Minimum Order Quantity and great wholesale prices!